Cards of Thanks

Pine Ridge

The residents of Pine Ridge would like to thank the following groups for making this Christmas season so special:

La Plata Electric employees and Santa for the wonderful goody bags.

All the Girl Scouts and Brownies for the entertainment and treats.

Community United Methodist Church for the beautiful singing.

Judy and Tim Patton and singing group for the great party.

Andreita Garcia from Farmington, for your thoughtful card.

The Willing Workers for the beautiful quilts and all the gifts you provided.

The Allison Community Presbyterian Church for the Christmas gifts.

The Million family for the gracious gift of the poinsettias.

Santa, a.k.a. Dick Hamilton, for being such a jolly St. Nick.

And to all of you who we didn’t mention, we truly thank you for all you do for the wonderful residents of Pine Ridge.  They appreciate it all so much.  Thank you. 

Mary Ann Martinez

Activities, Pine Ridge Extended Care Center


A note of appreciation and gratitude to the fine lady who while walking her daily walk, got caught in a whiteout of our recent snowstorm. She found us in a ditch, knocked on our window, and asked to use our cell phone to call her husband to rescue her as well as us. With the help of his friend, they were able to pull our truck out.

Coloradans are hardy folks, and genuinely helpful. Thank you to all the people who stopped and asked if we had a cell phone, or was help on the way and even offered us coffee. These people gave us the best Christmas gift one could receive. The willingness to give.


Gary and Janet Young