Sixth-grader recommends a fantasy as a great read for early teens

This is the 13th in an occasional series of Pagosa Reads book reviews by student advisers to Meagan’s Place at the Ruby Sisson Library, Meagan’s Place being a special section of the library devoted to books and games of interest to early teens in the sixth through ninth grades.

Here sixth-grader Kyle Casaceli describes one of his recent reads, the sixth book in the teen fantasy series Artemis Fowl by Irish author Eoin Colfer.

Kyle, born in Greenbrae, Calif., in November 1996, came to Pagosa when he was 2 1/2. He lives in a home built by his dad with parents Mike and Jeanine, siblings Emma, Chelsea and Samuel, plus four dogs, two horses, a cat, a ferret and fish. He has been active in Boy Scouts for five years and 4-H for seven or eight. He also likes watersports, snowsports, entomology and hunting. Having loved reading since he was a toddler, he now averages an hour or two a day with books — mostly fiction, with mythological stories his favorite.

Here is Kyle’s review of “Artemis Fowl: The Time Paradox:”

“With Artemis’s mom on her death bed, the young man must go back to the past and outwit his smartest enemy yet — this enemy being his former self. He must stop himself from killing the silky sifaka lemur of Madagascar. Unfortunately, the lemur is extinct, due to a ruthless deal Artemis made eight years ago with a group called the ‘Extinctionists.’ Yet his mother will die without a cure from the brain fluid of the lemur. Traveling back in time, Artemis runs into an old enemy, now a new enemy trying to take over the world with animal brain fluids. “

This Artemis Fowl fantasy series rose from ninth to second in the children’s book section of The New York Times bestselling list and has stayed there ever since the publication of this book in July.