Fun Day Rodeo Series awards announced

The Pagosa Springs Fun Day Rodeo Series completed the 2008 season with an awards banquet held Nov. 23.

Organizers would like to thank the contestants, parents, organizations and businesses for supporting the summer series: Goodman’s Department Store, Frontier Trophy Buckles, Boot Hill, Pagosa Springs Enterprises, Duane and Donnie Shahan of Spring Creek Ranch, Jack Rosenbaum, Marie Vest, Al Flaming, Rochelle Shahan, Richard Rafferty, Jeanene Wideman, Gene Snow, Kevin Torrez, Sonny Lucero, Lori Lucero, Larkin Dyapp and several others who made it possible for another successful Series.

The year-end results broken down by age group are as follows:

5 and Under

First place, 165 points, Trevor Torrez; second place, 163 points, Lakin Hoover; third place, 156 points, Kayson Shahan; fourth place, 134 points, Zoe Rathjen; fifth place, 125 points, Billie Sittner; sixth place, 51 points, Mitchell Story.


First place, 142 points, Rhett Hoover; second place, 117 points, Mckenna Deyapp; third place, 112 points, Sheigh Pollack; fourth place, 96 points, Maddie Story; fifth place, 82 points, Carrington Castro.


First place, 155 points, Payton Shahan; second place, 141 points, Lane Schaff; third place, 112 points, Bailey Herrera; fourth place, 101 points, Morgan Schaff; fifth place, 98 points, Shayla Lucero; sixth place, 59 points, Dalton Lucero; seventh place (tie), 53 points Mckenzie Graham and Dalton Sanchez; ninth place, 34 points Jennifer Smith; 10th place, 25 points, Preston Lucero; 11th place, 21 points, Jade Yalch.


First place, 129 points, Alex Herrera; second place, 108 points, Kelsi Lucero; third place, 98 points, Cody Snow; fourth place, 94 points, Reanna Ray; fifth place, 64 points, Kately McRee; sixth place, 57 points (tie) Rowdy Sanchez and Cade Chumley; eighth place, 40 points, Cassidy Deyapp; ninth place, 34 points, Kelsi Sellers.


First place, 125 points, Haley Archuleta; second place, 94 points, Breann Decker; third place, 87 points, Waylon Lucero; fourth place, 29 points, Cayden Chumley.

20 and Over

First place, 178 points, Charmaine Talbot; second place, 163 points, Linda Leonard; third place, 141 points, Lori Lucero; fourth place, 120 points, Tim McRee; fifth place, 97 points, Trudy Kremer; sixth place, 19 points (tie) Sonny Lucero and Brandon Chumley.

Photo courtesy Randy Talbot
Participants in the Fun Day Rodeo Series completed the 2008 season with an awards banquet held Nov. 23 at the fairgrounds building. The program involves area rodeo competitors of all ages in a summer series of rodeo events held at the Red Ryder Rodeo arena.