A charitable way to give holiday gifts

There has been a good response to a new project centered at Community United Methodist Church called “Gifts of the Heart,” according to project organizer Barbara Trask.

“This is a non denominational project, that helps anyone in need, said Trask. “It lets you take care of everyone on your Christmas list, save time, gasoline and postage ... while doing more.”

The process of this unique form of gift-giving is simple, said Trask. The program allows you to make a charitable, helpful purchase in the name of anyone, or everyone, on your holiday gift list.

“First, decide to break out of your old pattern of buying traditional, tangible gifts and replace all of the gifts you usually give to family or friends, teachers or colleagues with these gift certificates.

“Second, make a donation to the Community United Methodist Church Food Pantry (formerly the Crisis Box program) or the church’s Community Assistance Fund for assistance with winter heating, in honor of the person on your gift list.

“Third, pick up the number of Gifts of the Heart certificates you need at the church.”

Checks can be brought to Trask before or after each Sunday service at the church, until Dec. 21. If Trask is not present, checks can be left at the church office.

“People can participate by writing checks in honor of friends and family to the Methodist food pantry or the Assistance Fund,” Trask said. “We will continue this program through the year for holidays or for dates such as Valentines Day.”

Donations can be for $25 or more, she said.

“Have a merry Christmas, knowing these Gifts of the Heart given by you will honor friends and family in these difficult times,” she said.

Those with questions can reach Trask at 264-0140 or other committee members: Robin Ball (731-3005), Karol Jackson (731-0077) or Suzanne Gates (946-0421).

“Keep in mind this is non-denominational, not just for Methodists,” Trask said.