Businesses urged to watch for office scam

The Better Business Bureau reports that local businesses are receiving or may have recently received an official-looking document from Colorado Corporate Compliance, 303 S. Broadway, Ste. 200, PMB 376, Denver, CO 80209 that has a header “Annual Minutes Disclosure Statement.”

The document is a scam.

The solicitation leads you to believe that you need to pay a $150 disclosure and processing fee ($175 if after the remit date) to have Colorado Corporate Compliance record your annual minutes for shareholders and directors.  State law requires that corporations file an annual report with the Colorado Secretary of State’s office ( and maintain records of having an annual meeting. However, there is no requirement to pay this company to maintain copies of board minutes.

The Colorado Secretary of State’s office has been notified that potentially deceptive or misleading solicitations are being sent to Colorado businesses. They have released the following information:

The solicitation is in the form of a letter requesting a fee in order to comply with applicable state law. The letter may reference an annual report, corporate minutes, or refer to the Patriot Act or a national registration database. These solicitations tend to share common elements and may contain one or more of the following characteristics:

• Appear similar to a government form;

• Contain an official-looking seal;

• Refer to a statute or quote other Acts or laws;

• Imply that failing to return the form and pay a fee may place your company in jeopardy, may “pierce the corporate veil,” or might cause your company’s filings with the state to be in a noncompliant status;

• Contain a “Corp Number” or “Corporate Identification Number” that does not match a number given to your entity by a State or Federal Agency.

Mailings of this type have been received by Colorado businesses. We urge any business that has received a letter that may seem misleading or confusing to contact the Business Division immediately by e-mailing us at: or you may call (303) 894-2200 and select option 2. The Business Division may request a copy of the notice, which may be faxed to (303) 869-4864. Please keep the original notice, mailing envelope and return envelope for your records.

Recipients of this letter have also been asked to send a copy of the letter to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service to report mail fraud. As of last week, the US Postal Service has shut down the box that Colorado Corporate Compliance was using. But postal investigators are still collecting letters for further investigation.

If you have a letter, send it to:

US Postal Inspection Service

1745 Stout St. No. 900

Denver, CO 80299-3034.