Hospital care

Dear Editor:

Many thanks to the Pagosa Mountain Hospital and its staff. I am a grateful recipient of their personal caring, skills and professionalism.

During a recent visit to Pagosa Springs, I had an accident while horseback riding. It was on a late Sunday afternoon when I needed emergency treatment for a broken wrist.

First, I am thankful to have a hospital in Pagosa and that I did not have to travel many miles out of town for treatment.

Second, the staff in the emergency room was extremely caring and competent, from Ginger and Sara and the rest of the nurses to Dr. Bricca, the attending physician. Dr. Bricca did all he could to treat me, and went beyond the call of duty to try an arrange for an orthopedic surgeon to see me in Durango and perform the surgery I needed.

Unfortunately, the doctors in Durango could not see me for a few days, so I opted to fly back to Wisconsin for surgery.

You can all be proud of your new hospital and its staff.


Michele Sedej

Kenosha, Wis.