FLC to host Latino College Day, International Human Rights Day

Latino College Day is an annual tradition at Fort Lewis College where high school students from the area are invited to Fort Lewis to celebrate Latino heritage and contributions.

 This year, Latino College Day will be held on Wednesday, Dec. 10. More than 40 schools from Colorado and New Mexico have been invited to participate. Guest speakers, campus tours and lunch will all be part of the day on Wednesday.

 The marquee event will be “A Call to Reflection, Unity and Action: Our Responsibility to Mother Earth,” a free cultural symposium beginning at 7 p.m. at the Community Concert Hall at Fort Lewis College. The public is invited to attend.

Three speakers will entertain and inspire at the symposium:

• Doña Flordemayo, Mayan Curandera Espiritu (traditional spiritual healer), founding member and president of the Institute of Natural and Traditional Knowledge, and a member of the Council of Thirteen Indigenous Grandmothers;

• Devon Peña, professor of Anthropology and Ethnic Studies at the University of Washington, farmer, environmental justice activist and author;

• Adrian H. Molina, emcee, poet and playwright who combines his artistic abilities with his enthusiasm for activism and social justice based education.

The symposium will serve to mark Dec. 10 as International Human Rights Day and the Day of Tonantzin/The Virgin of Guadalupe observed on Dec.12.

For more information, call El Centro at 247-7290.