The Silver Ring Thing visits Pagosa Springs High School

In a time that our culture is filled with the sexual “anything-goes” mentality, local teens and adults gathered last Wednesday to hear a very different message.

Over 400 youth from Pagosa and the surrounding areas came to the Pagosa Springs High School auditorium to take in a two hour program filled with flashing lights, lasers, loud music, drama, videos, testimonies and a faith-based abstinence message. The humor was laced with facts on STDs, teen pregnancy, and the other potentially harmful side effects of choosing sex outside of marriage. While the teenagers watched the program, parents were presented with facts and support for their part in their children’s sexual choices. The parents then joined the rest of the show in the remaining space in the auditorium or as overflow via a live-feed-screen in the commons area.

The Silver Ring Thing is a non-profit organization out of Pennsylvania that travels nine months out of the year since its inception 12 years ago. The group’s quest is to create a culture shift in America where premarital abstinence becomes the norm rather than the exception. Silver Ring Thing also tells teens that it is not too late to make the choice to start over.

Pagosa raised a hearty voice of support for their mission as over 600 people showed up with a desire to see and hear the new message presented giving young people the opportunity to make a different kind of choice.

At the end of the event, participants could choose to purchase a silver ring as a reminder and symbol of their commitment to abstinence. Missy Patton, the Silver Ring Thing road manager, said that more than 100,000 teenagers around the world are wearing their rings. They were joined by 326 Pagosa youth and parents who donned rings here last Wednesday.

The Silver Ring Thing group was brought in by local youth leaders, churches, Pagosa Pregnancy Support Center, and countless others. It could not have been such a success without the time and resources of the countless volunteers.