Public hearing on USA Project rescheduled

With the rescheduling of a public hearing, citizens will have an additional week to learn about the county’s Urban Services Area (USA) project before it goes to the planning commission for final approval.

The hearing was originally scheduled for Dec. 3, however, the event has been moved to Dec. 11, at 6 p.m. in the Extension Building at the Archuleta County fairgrounds.

During the hearing, the planning commission will vote whether to amend the Future Land Use map in the county’s Community Plan with data gathered from the Urban Services Area mapping project.

The event marks one of the last opportunities for public comment before the map — if approved — officially amends the 2001 community plan.

If the planning commission approves the updated Future Land Use Map as a community plan amendment, it will then go before the board of county commissioners for ratification. The commissioners will take public comment again at that time.

The map identifies likely areas up to three miles beyond town boundaries where planned unit developments, or other types of developments, could occur — called Tier 1 areas on the map.

You can view the modified future land use map and learn more about the USA map and project at Links to the map and project data are clearly marked on the county’s home page.