San Juan Back Country Horsemen host forest user forum

A forest users forum was convened as part of the recent monthly meeting of the San Juan Back Country Horsemen, held at the Extension Building at the fairgrounds.

The purpose of the forum was to search for common ground where all of the participating organizations might contribute their resources to more effectively help the San Juan National Forest managers meet their goals, and to help each other in promoting the responsible use and enjoyment of our local forest land and Wilderness.

Fourteen speakers,  representing local organizations  that are dedicated to the responsible use of the San Juan National Forest,  made  short presentations describing their organizations, their organizational needs  and the work that they do in support of the trail system.

The forum was well received by all those in attendance and all look forward to future forums at which specific areas of cooperation and pooling of resources might be developed  to help primarily with the maintenance and enhancement of the area trail system. The Trails Council volunteered to act as a clearing house for future forums.

Those presenting were: Trails Council-John Applegate; Wheelmen Mountain Bikers-Doug Call; San Juan Outdoor Club-Joyce Ramberg;  Long Distance Runners-Ed Furtaw; Mounted  Search and Rescue-Bill Reeves; San Juan (ATV) Trail Riders-Kenny Hearing and Lenny Baker; Horseback Riders for a Wild San Juan Mountains-Bev Compton; San Juan Mountain Association, Leave no Trace-Nancy Seay; Four Corners Back Country Horsemen-Bev Warburton; Southwest Outfitters  Association-Dick Ray; Southwest Conservation Corp.-Kevin Heiner; Wolf Creek Trailblazers (snowmobiles)-Denny Mungo.

Paul Blackman, the primary contact for these organizations in the U.S. Forest Service,  concluded the program by thanking the presenters and indicating his  interest in seeing further cooperation among the forest user groups in attendance.