Community Choir Christmas concerts

The Community Choir Christmas Concert to be performed Dec. 5 and 6 at 7 p.m. and Dec. 7 at 4 p.m., at the high school auditorium, will be a program of exceptional musical selections. The choir opens with Shepherd’s Joy, a Celtic Christmas celebration, accompanied with authentic instruments played by Paul and Carla Roberts. Wow, what an opener!

The message of peace and love will felt by the audience when the choir weaves together the beloved canon “Dona Nobis Pacem” and a Polish melody, creating the special arrangement, “Pacem.” D’Ann Artis, on the French Horn, then takes this arrangement to another soaring level of musical creativity.

Soloist Jessica Trujillo and Karen Harper are featured in the musical arrangement of “Grown-Up Christmas List,” the theme for this year’s concert. The song thoughtfully reflects on a grown-up wish list of “not for myself, but for a world in need.”

Christmas in Pagosa is not complete with out arrangements of “Sleigh Ride,” “Jingle Bells” and “Come On, We’re Going for a Sleigh Ride.” Soprano soloists Candy Flaming and Stacey West, along with tenor soloist, Perry Schjolin take us on this magical trip of snow wonders.

Musical styles of Celtic, classical, spirituals, Chanukah, South African carol and American jazz all come together to create a beautiful portrait of this year’s Christmas carols. Don’t miss it!