Russ Hill Memorial Bazaar is open

Men and women from Community United Methodist Church, along with community volunteers, have already started work on the 46th annual Russ Hill Memorial Bazaar.

Workers have cut greens, limbs and boughs in area forests and brought them to the church. Volunteers assisted Malcolm Rodger, project chairman, in moving project materials from the Power House facility to the church. The materials were stored at Power House during the past year when a massive rebuilding of the church was planned.

Other volunteers have planned snack and lunch foods for those who will be working at the church Nov. 20, 21, 22, 24, 25 and 26, and Dec. 1.

Bazaar volunteer teams numbering about 100 persons don’t include just Methodists, but other community supporters, as well. Volunteers will be at the church from 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. on work days.

Both express and custom order desks will be set side by side in the church’s narthex this year. Wreaths will be available at $25 and $40, plus tax and shipping fee, when requested.

The local United Methodist Women will have crafts for sale during the bazaar, with jams, jellies, soup mixes and knit and crochet items. The selection will include hats, holiday items, placemats and runners.

There is cool storage available to maintain custom-made wreaths after orders have been completed. All proceeds from the sale of table settings and wreaths go 60 percent to community non-profit groups and 40 percent to United Methodist outreach programs.

Grant requests for donations are accepted in January and distributed in March after being reviewed. The application forms can be obtained in January at the church office.

The bazaar phone number is 264-4538.