Sustainably-harvested Christmas trees from Pagosa Waldorf Initiative

The Pagosa Waldorf Initiative is proud to announce the second annual sustainably-harvested Christmas tree sale to benefit the Pagosa Waldorf Initiative.

The Initiative is enjoying its sixth year in Archuleta County, helping to create two licensed family-care homes in our county that provide care and education to children ages 2-7, a network of Waldorf-inspired home-school families, and an adult study group.

The Pagosa Waldorf Initiative strives to create the opportunity for families in Archuleta County to enjoy a holistic education in a sustainable environment. Our programs cultivate a love of learning, creative thinking, self-confidence, and reverence for humanity and the natural world. We balance academics with the arts, physical activities, healthy communication, and practical skills.

Our annual Christmas tree harvest and sale is an example of the type of activity families can experience together. Community members, young and old, will gather at Banded Peak Ranch not only to harvest Christmas trees, but also to learn about healthy forest management and how to better care for our beautiful forests. Contact Blue Lindner at 731-5965 if you would like more information about the Christmas tree harvest or the Pagosa Waldorf Initiative.

The stewards of Banded Peak Ranch are serious about keeping the ranch’s forests healthy and beautiful, and they take the threat of forest fire seriously. Their forest management objective is to restore and support ecological health to the forest. White firs, while native to the area, are largely intolerant of fire and prone to disease and insect infestations. Once white fir trees grow beyond Christmas tree size, they present an enormous forest management challenge. They must be removed or burned.

The Pagosa Waldorf Initiative will sustainably harvest the beautiful, white fir trees. Unlike spruce trees which have unfriendly needles, white fir trees are soft, often bushy, and have a pretty green to blue-green color. Harvesting them as Christmas trees today means less logging and burning later.

The Initiative will donate several trees to local schools and non-profit organizations, and sell the rest in the parking lot of Jann C. Pitcher Real Estate the weekend of Nov. 29-30, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., while supplies last.

Don’t miss your opportunity to support a local non-profit organization, to contribute to the health of Archuleta County forests, and to enjoy a gorgeous, local, fresh, sustainably-harvested, white fir Christmas tree this December.

To reserve a tree, call Shady Elm Family Care Home at 264-2143. Trees range between 3 and 18 feet tall and are priced at only $5 per foot, with the first foot free.