Proud heritage of the West: Colorado Mounted Rangers

As Wayne Strauss and Al Davenport, Colorado Mounted Rangers, Troop F, installed a new sign at the Ranger’s building, 320 San Juan St., Strauss said, “This is the first opportunity we have had to take care of our own building. The Rangers have been very busy this summer with numerous requests for our services. We felt a need to fix up our building, to keep up with the construction around our community. We see it as just another way to serve our community.”

The Mounted Ranger’s long history of service to Colorado continues to reflect their proud heritage. Sworn to support the Constitution and laws of the United States and the Constitution and laws of the State of Colorado to the best of their ability, Troop F assists the people of Colorado honoring their mission that states:

“... Provide assistance to the people of Colorado by working in cooperation with local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies to assist with security, traffic and crowd control, search and rescue, and other similar functions as may meet with the approval of local, state and federal authorities; including participation in training and exercises for the purposes of acquiring and maintaining the skills necessary for these activities.”

Troop F’s 21 Rangers volunteered more than 1,300 hours of service for the people of Archuleta County from April 26 to Oct. 3, 2008. Callouts included traffic control and security, assisting local law enforcement with crime scene protection, and search and rescue. Wearing their professional green and tan uniforms, Troop F Rangers responded to 73 callouts and events, as well as to training sessions.

Colorado Mounted Rangers can always use new volunteers to serve the community. If this type of service interests you, contact one of the officers of Troop F, or attend a monthly meeting on the first Thursday at 7 p.m. at the Ranger building..

Officers this year include Capt. Wayne Strauss, 903-2806,; 1st Lt. Al Davenport; 2nd Lt./Secretary Robert Penton; 2nd Lt./Treasurer Gene Crabtree; 1st Sgt. Gary Smith, 903-9151; M.A.L. Larry Jelinek; Chaplain R.D. Hott.