Unitarian Universalists offers weekly workshop on spirituality

The Pagosah Unitarian Universalist Fellowship is inviting the community to learn more about our faith through a series of workshops.

The curriculum is based on the hymn “Spirit of Life,” that is popular in UU churches and fellowships across the country. It was written by Carolyn McDade, poet and song-writer, putting music and words into beautiful context for a deeper understanding of our own spirituality.

An explanation of Unitarian Universalism that may help the newcomer, comes from the preface of the Spirit of Life curriculum. Its analogy may be a familiar one to those living here in Pagosa Springs.

“One of the things that make our movement unique is that we do not insist that everyone take the same route. Rather, we encourage people to find the path that most suits them. And then we go a step further—at our best, we keep gathering together to discuss what we’ve seen and done on our journeys thus far. That means that the folks going up the North Face get a bit of the flavor of the trip they might have taken, and the folks going up the South Face get to vicariously experience a different kind of climb than the one they’re on. This mutual give-and-take, in the context of conversation, not conversion, can only enrich the experience of all who take part in it—even those who are just walking back and forth around the base camp.”

We long for connection to the sacred and as life-long learners our Lifespan Religious Education fulfills that desire.

The goals for the participants in the program are to:

1) Become familiar with a broad and inclusive definition of spirituality—one that includes those who do and don’t affirm the existence of spirit or deity.

2) Evaluate their experiences of the spiritual during turning points in their lives and during day-to-day living.

3) Learn methods for being attentive to their spirituality.

4) Consider the value of spiritual practice, in any variety of forms, as a means to deepen faith and enhance the quality of everyday living.

5) Participate in the spiritual practices of speaking and listening with respect.

6) Explore a vocabulary of reverence drawn from Unitarian Universalist sources.

7) Articulate thoughts, feelings, and longings in authentic ways, and develop their understanding of the spiritually healing value of such authenticity.

8) Explore possibilities for deepening experiences of spirituality for themselves and for others.

The workshops are suitable for a congregation’s first-time visitors and its long-time members. Join us Tuesday, Nov. 11, at 12:15 p.m. followed with weekly meetings held on Tuesdays.

Each of the nine sessions will last approximately one hour.  Gatherings will be held at the Pagosah Unitarian Universalist Fellowship located in Greenbriar Plaza off North Pagosa Boulevard near park Avenue, Unit B-15. Bring your lunch and join us for this weekly introduction to Unitarian Universalist values. 

For further information contact Religious Education Coordinator De Anna Hoyle, 264-7224.