Winter environmental speaker series set

Horseback Riders for a Wild San Juan Mountains has organized a series of free public slideshows about the San Juan Mountains, to be held this winter.

Learn about the ecology of our wild landscape, how it works, what can be done to protect it, and find out what is missing. Learn about horseback riding with wildlife and riding on the Pagosa Ranger District. We in Pagosa Country are surrounded by the biggest and wildest Wilderness areas in the southern Rockies. The landscape is extraordinary and deserves our careful attention and protection.

The first slideshow is titled “Where is the Southern Rockies Ecoregion?” It will be presented by Monique DiGiorgio, conservation strategist, Western Environmental Law Center. It will be hosted by Higher Grounds Coffee on Wednesday, Nov. 12, at 5:30 p.m.

Other slideshow presentations this winter include a “Citizen’s Plan for a Wild San Juan,” “Wildland Fire,” “Horseback Riding with Wildlife,” “and Riding on the Pagosa District.”

Horseback Riders for a Wild San Juan Mountains is a new non-profit that will bring a local environmental voice to our public land issues and build collaborative support and involvement in these issues by horseback riders and others in Pagosa Springs.

For more information concerning this Winter Speaker Series, or to learn more about Horseback Riders for a Wild San Juan Mountains, send an e-mail to