Photographer and poet to appear at Moonlight Books Nov. 20

 Photographer Lenny Foster and poet Dora E. McQuaid will be artist and poet-in-residence in Pagosa Springs from Nov. 9-22. They will be featured at a public reception and reading on Thursday, Nov. 20, at 6 p.m. at Moonlight Books.

 Foster and McQuaid began their collaboration in 2006 in Taos, N.M. Foster managed his own photographic gallery and studio, The Living Light Gallery. McQuaid arrived from Pennsylvania to take a poet-in-residence position at the Harwood Museum of Art, located next door to Foster’s gallery.

 The photographer and the poet began collaborating, creating words and images inspired by each other’s work. Their first project, the 2007 “The Way of The Heart” series, combined Lenny’s black-and-white images of sunflowers with Dora’s poems about love and Spirit, and became a 2007 calendar and current book-in-progress. 

 Their second collaboration, “The Dreamtime of Horses,” began with one image. “Her First Horse,” a photo that Lenny had taken in 2003, paired effortlessly with Dora’s poem, “Campeon,” that she had written in 2002 about her first horse.  After that first pairing of image and word, the focus and fascination grew for each artist. As Lenny’s collection of horse images developed, Dora’s collection of horse poems, written about her experience of horses, her family’s history with horses in Philadelphia and West Chester, Pennsylvania, and the spirits of the New Mexico horses revealed in Lenny’s photographs, expanded.  

 Foster and McQuaid are the second artists to participate in the Pagosa Springs Writer’s Residency program founded by writer Leanne Goebel and funded in part by a grant from the Colorado Council on the Arts. Their residency is provided by the generous donation of Lynne Killey and A Place on the Lake.

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For information on the Pagosa Springs Writer’s Residency program and this event, contact Leanne Goebel at 731-1841.