Pagosa Wellness Festival set for Nov. 8 and 9

Experience a rare glimpse of the diversity of health and wellness modalities offered by healing arts practitioners at The Pagosa Wellness Festival, sponsored by the Pagosa Health and Wellness Network.

The festival will take place Saturday, Nov. 8, and Sunday, Nov. 9, at the Archuleta County Fairgrounds Extension Building. The Pagosa Wellness Festival will highlight alternative healing modalities complementary to Western medicine. Admission is free.

Free consultations and mini demonstrations will be available in Network chiropractic, Chinese acupuncture and diagnosis, and ancient healing methods. Information about hypnosis, which is generally misunderstood, will be available. It is utilized for accessing the subconscious and for releasing deep emotional issues. Because of its therapeutic success, it has been approved by the American Medical Association.

Among the various healing practitioners featured, massage therapists will be available to release the accumulative stress and tension that have become lodged in the body because of the recent challenges facing everyone. Rolfing supports realignment in the body, and cranial sacral work dissipates toxic tension throughout the nervous system. In addition, ion footbaths assist in detoxifying the body, essential oils assist in rebalancing the body’s energy field, and aromatherapy releases the blues and lifts one’s spirit. Healing gemstone jewelry is known to assist in rebalancing the body’s energy field. An aura photographer will also be available to take pictures of your energy field revealing the radiant colors not ordinarily seen by the naked eye. A simple interpretation of the photo will be given.

For those in need of answers, intuitive readings can illuminate present-day challenges. Vendors will make available visionary artwork, cards and prints, crystals, gemstones, beaded jewelry, aromatherapy oils, holiday gifts and other products for well-being.

Each day, free gift certificates will be offered by the practitioners and vendors for products and services, which will be given away in a drawing that will take place at noon and at 3 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Tickets for participation in the daily drawings will be given free of charge when you enter. Child-care will be provided.

For more information about the Pagosa Wellness Festival, call Sophia at 903-2108 or Debra at 731-2194.

Pagosa Health and Wellness Directories can be found at the Chamber of Commerce and in most businesses in town, or you may visit our Web site at