Letters to Editor

Extreme and desperate

Dear Editor:

A mailing just in from the Colo. Republican Committee  aims to persuade us that Barack Obama’s link to William Ayers is reason to disqualify him for the presidency. The mailing totally misrepresents their relationship.

Who was and is Bill Ayers, and what was/is his relation to Obama? Ayers is a professor of education at the University of Chicago. Both men served on a Board of Education Reform in the 1990s, and both were on the board of a charity organization called the Woods Fund. According to the Associated Press, “There is no evidence that they were ‘pals’ or even close when they worked on these boards years ago.” The New York Times adds, “The two men do not appear to have been close. Nor has Mr. Obama ever expressed sympathy for the radical views and actions of Mr. Ayers, whom he has called ‘somebody who engaged in detestable acts 40 years ago, when I was 8.’” 

John McCain has said that Obama launched his campaign in Ayers’ Hyde Park living room. In fact, Ayers was one of many who sponsored coffees for Obama when Obama ran for the Illinois Senate in 1995, and that event took place in the Hyde Park Ramada Inn. In fact, Obama’s campaign was really launched when he got the backing of Chicago State Senator Alice Palmer, who wanted him to replace her because she was planning a run for Congress.

CNN’s “Fact Check” service responded to Sarah Palin’s claim that Obama “palled around with terrorists” or has had an on-going relationship with Ayers over the last three years by flatly saying that those assertions are false.

I have always been an Independent. I have noted with interest that the state’s swing to Obama is being attributed by some to the extreme and desperate tactics being waged against him by the Colorado Republican Committee. That may be right. Count me among those repelled by this strategy. I remain an Independent for Obama.   

 Lyman Allen

Nanny state

Dear Editor:

Henry Buslepp’s affinity for socialism is and has always been reflective of Europe’s state-ism vs. America’s individualism. America was populated by people looking for individual freedom. Americans regarded government as a necessary evil. They saw its need to negotiate trade agreements and protect its citizens from foreign intrusion but other than that wanted to leave them alone. Most traditional Americans look upon socialist countries as the equivalent to a “Nanny” state with cradle to the grave care that requires extremely high ”Robin Hood” taxes.

One of Americas first socialist programs was Lyndon Johnson’s so-called “Great Society” that was supposed to help the poor. Many of the recipients stayed on this free ride for generations because in essence they were being paid for doing nothing. It was essentially a payoff for votes, not a hand up but merely a free handout. This largess of the government financed by those who actually worked, was so inefficiently administered that out of each dollar sent to that handout only 25 cents reached the recipient. Most elites who run socialist programs feel that the average citizen is so dumb that they require government aid for most of the things they should be doing for themselves. Socialists put their faith in a big brother government; traditional Americans place their faith in individual freedom — the freedom to go as far as one’s talents allow and reap the rewards or the consequences. If we keep sliding towards the abyss of socialism we might as well change our national symbol from the eagle to the sow hog with attached piglets sucking off the national teat. May God help us.

Doug Bell

Granbury, Texas

Looking backward

Dear Editor:

It always amazes me that liberals can only look backward: They don’t seem to be able to realize that George Bush and Dick Cheney are not running for reelection in November. The Republican candidate is John McCain, who has incurred the wrath of his own party for working across the aisle with Democrats. If you want to look backward, “connect-the-dots” back to Jimmy Carter and his signing of the 1977 Community Reinvestment Act into law. This law forced lending institutions to give mortgages to people who couldn’t afford them. Then, in 1995, Clinton coerced banks to further loosen their lending practices. When these loans defaulted, our lending institutions failed. Ergo: Our present financial situation.

As far as claiming that John McCain’s policies resulted “in financial good times for the wealthy” — yeah, right! Tell that to Gramps and Nana with investments in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. With Democrats, it’s always the politics of envy and class warfare. The president doesn’t spend taxpayers’ money; Congress (controlled by Democrats) does, and, thereby, causes any resulting deficits. If the budget is in the red, it’s because they want it in the red.

“If Democrats win this election, they will work to put America back on track by rebuilding the economy from the ground up,” a writer states. They sure will! In the Marxist model. That would bring “true change to America,” alright. Punish the productive. Certainly not a “traditional Republican belief.”

Take a look at Obama’s politics:

High taxation: “Spread the wealth,” he told Joe, the Plumber. “From each according to their ability, to each according to their need,” said Karl Marx, the Father of Communism, the failed 19th-century idea touted by Obama. Tax the evil corporations, driving more of them out of the country, taking jobs with them. You can’t help the poor by destroying the wealthy.

Pro-abortion. When I stand before God, He won’t find, among my thousands of other sins, that I’m guilty of membership in the planned-infanticide constituency.

Government-controlled healthcare: Will the elderly, mentally infirm, or the physically handicapped qualify? Or will they be subject to the same tender mercies of Roe v. Wade?

Security: His admitted cocaine use, his associations with a known Communist (Frank Marshall Davis), convicted felon (Tony Rezko), the unrepentant terrorist (William Ayers), and the clergyman who damns, from the pulpit, the country which succors him, would deny him a military security clearance. His subversive associations and illegal drug use disqualify him. Now he is liable to have access to all U.S. military secrets as president. How secure do you think we’ll be?

Energy: His record reveals opposition to development of our domestic resources and supplies.

Second Amendment rights: Obama voted against private possession, in your own home, of firearms with which to defend yourself. (Illinois Senate Bill 2165, March 25, 2004.)

I will not align myself with Obama supporters: The moral cesspool of the Hollywood Left, the abortionists, ACORN, Socialists or the slothful, living off the toil of others.

I will vote Americanism over Socialism.

Duane C. Branson

Don’t forget

Dear Editor:

I want to thank and applaud all the candidates that are running for a county commissioner seat. It’s admirable and courageous, given the condition our county is in. I’ve read and heard statements like, “encourage economic growth throughout Archuleta County,” “build a solid plan for long-term financial stability for Archuleta County,” “take care of the community we already have, and welcome growth and development that benefits our community” and “we must plan now for jobs and children’s future.” They are commendable goals and objectives.

For many reasons, being a registered voter, mother, grandmother, director of Seeds of Learning and most of all a concerned citizen, I want to remind voters and candidates of something I haven’t seen much of in any candidate platform — lack of early care and education in Archuleta County. When I look at a candidates’ intentions to stabilize our county and childcare isn’t part of that plan, I’m very concerned. In the Bible, Hosea 4:6 says, “My people perish for lack of knowledge.” As an encouragement, I would like to offer some knowledge.

In 2005, according to the census, there were 657 children under the age of 5 living in Archuleta County. As the National Association of Educating Young Children tells us, approximately 85 percent of America’s children are in some form of childcare. That means that, in 2005, 558 children needed early care and/or education. There were and still are only 217 licensed slots. Now I know some of you are thinking, “What does that have to do with me, I don’t have kids.” It has everything to do with taking care of our families/children to support and ensure economic development. Without childcare, parents cannot work, and without employees, where would all the businesses be?

As bringing in more businesses is considered, consider this as well; we cannot meet the early care and education needs of the families we have now. How can we attract families if we can’t guarantee support in ways they need the most: affordable housing and quality early care and education?

Please support the early care and education programs we have now — Seeds of Learning, Head Start, Our Savior Lutheran and licensed home daycare providers. If we lose any of them, it will directly and indirectly affect the economy of Archuleta County. I don’t know about the other programs/licensed homes, but Seeds of Learning charges half of the actual cost and it’s still unaffordable for most families. The Seeds of Learning board of directors, staff, and parents, as I’m sure is the case with other programs, raise the difference through fund-raisers, individual donations, etc. Help all the programs. The future of our children and our county depends on your support.

I wish all the candidates the very best as the election draws near. We live in precarious times and being proactive, not reactive, will be the key. What we do today is our children’s future.

Lynne Bridges

Viva Pagosa

Dear Editor:

I feel I am one of your oldest subscribers, as I will be 95 my next birthday.

My husband, Harvey J. Catchpole, was mayor for a long time here. His childhood home still stands here. My folks had Moorehead Garage (Chrysler Plymouth) dealership. My mother had Moorehead Cabins on the highway in town and owned the apartments downtown that burned the bank and apartment after a man was killed in it.

“Viva Pagosa Springs.”

Evangeline Moorehead Catchpole

Financially sound

Dear Editor:

I found the opinion piece by Muriel Eason interesting. She gives many facts and figures in an attempt to deride the contributors to John Ranson’s campaign. The one fact she omits is that she is the campaign treasurer for Chacey.

Eason complains about the amount of money that Ranson has raised. But she neglects to share the fact that in the original campaign mail-out piece soliciting money for the Chacey campaign, he told his contributors that he must have $35,000 in order to run a successful campaign. Obviously, there were not enough Chacey supporters to even come close to his stated goal.

Chacey Campaign Treasurer Eason attempts to denigrate the majority of people who support Ranson because many are people who have or have had interest in financial businesses or development. The people who support Ranson represent all walks of life. However, many business people and financially astute citizens of the county are fully aware that the county is still in dire straits financially. So whom would they support? Someone who really believes that we are out of the woods and has no financial background to speak of, or someone who has worked to help straighten out the county’s problems and knows what it’s going to take to make the county solvent again?

Understanding the environment and the beauty of the area is not the exclusive bailiwick of Chacey and his supporters. Many of us, including John Ranson, came because of the beauty of the area and wish to preserve the land. However, the grandiose schemes of land purchase and preservation as proposed by Chacey cannot be accomplished without money. Nor can a tax base be built without intelligent long range planning and business growth. The county is barely afloat now. Until the finances are straightened out, there will still be the 1A money approximately $200,000-plus annually dedicated to parks, trails and recreation for community enjoyment.

There is nothing in Chacey’s background that even portends to show his financial knowledge and experience to help solve the ongoing financial crisis or deliver viable business expansion to this county.

In spite of what Eason says, fiscal responsibility and financial planning are not four letter words. They are the fuels that will keep the county engine running until we reach our goals of fiscal solvency. With the 1A money we have a start on enhancing the beauty of the area, but it will take a financially sound county to achieve all our dreams.

George R. Esterly


Dear Editor:

In partial response to various letters:

The idea that somebody can try to quiet me and then call me extremist and bigot in a public forum for exposing the truth shows a form of fascism. This is what Hitler and Stalin did. Shut down all avenues of the opposition and then take the countries from their people, which is what happened.

Color and race have nothing to do with what I write; however, if Obama were totally white, he wouldn’t even be a contender. I would vote for somebody real of so-called color if he thought as I do, and they do exist. Obama transcends nothing because his supporters are racists.

The problem is ideology. Obama believes that government should be used to extract from the dreams of some in order to supposedly give to others, but this doesn’t work. Look what FDR started: a chicken in every pot, even for those who were unproductive, which led to more of the same. FDR has in effect set us up for the biggest depression ever. The programs should have had time limits. When the rich go down, we’ve all had it, no matter how much money the government prints. Production is the basis of function and is the only way out of the current economic mayhem.

Warren Buffet is more of a market manager than a money manager and in this respect, it would be dangerous to have him as a treasury secretary because of a conflict with his existing interests which are already very mighty. He also believes in robbing those who have worked their whole lives for what they have and paid plenty of taxes along the way because he agrees with estate taxes, which are confiscatory. This “giving” to the government is not capitalism.

Obama says that health care is a right. This alone shows his disregard and contempt for our Constitution, which also means our country. Also, only God can guarantee immortality: not government with infinite funding.

Actually, Gov. Palin is more qualified than Obama will ever be, because she has the right heart and character for the job. Obama just wants the people’s power and he’ll have spent over $600 million to take it. It’s absolutely unbelievable how somebody rich can tell people who make $250K that they’re rich. He wants the middle class vote, but will turn on it when in office. He’s never done a day’s work in his life, so he knows nothing of the working class he keeps trying to con.

By today’s standards, President Kennedy would be considered a right-wing extremist. This socio-political erosion is what’s extreme and has been caused by the education system and has been packaged by the major media, and America cannot afford this package.

John Feazel

A privilege

Dear Editor:

 What a privilege to have Rep. Mark Udall and Rep. John Salazar in Pagosa on Friday. The two stopped and met with citizens outside the Archuleta County Democratic Party headquarters behind Farrago’s. A large crowd of more than 80 gathered in the chill morning air to meet and greet our future Senator — Mark Udall. During this campaign season I’ve had the opportunity to meet Mark Udall on multiple occasions. He and his wife, Maggie Fox, are down-to-earth and sincerely committed to providing a better life for Coloradans. 

Udall is leading the way to a new energy economy that will end our dependence on foreign oil. He wants to create good jobs in Colorado and particularly in rural Colorado. It was refreshing to see Republicans, Democrats and independents come together to meet Udall and Salazar and to see our local Republican commissioner, Bob Moomaw, endorse Udall in his run for Senate. Udall and Salazar are committed to an open door policy to help their constituents — you and me. Udall is an effective bipartisan leader and that is why we need him in the U.S. Senate. I’ve already cast my ballot for Udall. I hope everyone will join me in bringing this son of the West to the U.S. Senate.

Leanne Goebel

Worst season

Dear Editor:

Whatever happened to civility and personal responsibility in America?  This political season has been the absolute worst I can recall when it comes to demonizing individuals running for office and ignoring the discussion of critical issues the American public needs to understand before they vote.

Recent letters to the editor have prompted me to say that political advertising — at the local, state and national level — has crossed the line and become demonizing attacks, rather than attempts to educate the public on issues critical to their future.

For example, the continued suggestions that Barack Obama is not qualified to be president because his birth certificate doesn’t show he is a citizen of the United States is as ludicrous as suggesting that John McCain isn’t qualified because he was born in the Canal Zone of Panama.

Individual responsibility comes into play because it is incumbent on the potential voter to educate themselves, rather than blindly repeat rumors and political “talking points” without question.  If one took the time to explore the birth certificate issue, the truth can be easily found on the internet:  For Obama, see http://tinyurl.com/6dxd94 and for McCain, see http://tinyurl.com/36a5wf .

As a retired senior USAF officer who has served at the highest headquarters in Europe and the Pacific, I respect both of the presidential candidates for their service to the country, both legislative and, in the case of John McCain, the military.

There are those who would demonize Obama for serving on a Chicago education board sponsored by the Annenberg Foundation (started by a staunch Republican ally of Reagan) with Bill Ayers.  See http://tinyurl.com/4tf8mb .  McCain has been smeared for serving on the board of the U.S. Council for World Freedom that purportedly had ties to Nazi collaborators and right wing death squads.  See http://tinyurl.com/4xg6e.  Both Obama and McCain have strongly denounced and disassociated themselves from the respective actions of their “associates.”

Those who allege Sarah Palin is a believer in witchcraft, simply because the minister who prayed over her at her church in Wasilla, Alaska, (see http://tinyurl.com/4x9v3q) had “exorcized” a witch in Africa are every bit as quick to judge as those who willingly believe Barack Obama is a Muslim despite his being a Christian (see http://tinyurl.com/3vo3cs).       

Are we a nation of sheep who blindly follow doctrine and talking points spewed forth by political parties, or are we independent, critical thinkers who pursue the truth?

I challenge the editor of The Pagosa SUN to correct the obfuscation spewed by some writers as being factually incorrect and set the record straight, rather than allow the writer’s position to appear to be substantiated.  Opinion is one thing — facts are another — at least that’s what I learned when I got my journalism degree.

The blatant dishonesty from the political parties and lack of civility by many candidates, their “handlers,” and their supporters gives me great concern for the future of our country.

Joe Hannigan

Editor’s note: “Opinion is one thing — facts are another.” That is why letters are printed in the “Opinion” section.


Dear Editor:

The national and local economy has been the focus of much discussion in this election year. Archuleta County has seen its economy impacted even more dramatically than the nation’s. One of the primary components of Archuleta County’s economy is real estate and construction. Real estate sales and construction have slowed dramatically in the last three years. In my view, we need to elect commissioners who understand the real estate market and offer plans to encourage well-managed growth. Growth and development are not dirty words. In fact, they provide jobs and much-needed tax revenue without corresponding tax increases. Unfortunately, many of the policies, programs and fees now in place have done the opposite. Whether intended or not, these policies and fees have brought any new growth to a virtual halt and cost us jobs and tax revenues. We must not have policies and fees in place that exacerbate our economic programs.

At the same time, our infrastructure, primarily streets and roads, are in horrible condition. Promises, higher taxes and further study of this program are not the answer. We need a solution that provides prompt and effective improvement without the need to increase our taxes.

The recent financial meltdown is not just history. It is, in fact, a wake up call and clearly demands that we elect commissioners who will install the much-needed management controls to prevent a reoccurrence of this problem.

That is why I support and believe John Ranson is the best choice for District 1 commissioner. He understands the real estate industry and can ensure that Archuleta County has properly managed growth. He has offered a specific plan to cure the problem of our deteriorating roads and streets without continued study and without a tax increase. John will bring to the commissioner’s job the experience, understanding and plans to create management controls that will help prevent another financial crisis.

Finally, John Ranson has offered his plans for Archuleta County without engaging in “negative” politics. As a voter, I have grown weary of the negatives and look for candidates who offer solutions. John has provided those solutions in a positive, constructive manner.

Jan Jorgensen

Beggar’s bowl

Dear Editor:

What we are now experiencing in our financial markets is enough to make a Laissez-Faire Capitalist question which country we are living in. As your 401(k) is evaporating in front of your eyes, the United States Treasury has opened the beggar’s bowl of their discount window to corporate cripples. Corporations that are on the verge of bankruptcy such as General Motors, Chrysler, AIG, to name a few, and most recently, as absurd as it may seem, some hedge funds are lining up to get tax dollars. This is grotesquely obscene if you believe in free enterprise and capitalism. It is in essence corporate socialism. Yes, your neo-conservative friends whom you voted into office with the hope of averting Socialism have become the executioners of Laissez-Faire (hands-off) capitalism.

We are facing an economic collapse, which may supersede the Great Depression in terms of the hardship imposed upon its populace. What do we need to do to get out of this mess?

Eliminate entirely the lobbyists and special interest groups on K Street in Washington.

Imprison the members of Congress who took bribes from these parasites.

Bring our manufacturing base back from Southeast Asia.

Get us back on the gold standard.

Make sure that the Second Amendment to the Constitution allowing citizens to bear arms is never infringed.

Don’t vote for a politician who can’t pronounce the word “nuclear.”

Marty Margulies


Dear Editor:

The divisive, deceitful, closed door politics of the last eight years have left our country fractured and the citizens of this great land disenfranchised from its own government. We now have the opportunity to elect a once in a lifetime candidate who can help us change course and get this great democracy back on track. Barack Obama is a transformational candidate who has the qualities necessary in this moment in time to unite the country and restore our standing as a beacon of hope in the world. We must hold our elected leaders to the highest standards and eight years of Bush-McCain politics have left the bar as low as it has ever been in our nation’s history. Barack Obama has the intellectual curiosity to ask the right questions, to gather appropriate information, to make the difficult decisions that will be required of our next president. Barack Obama is an inspirational candidate who will restore transparency to government and inspire the next generation to become involved in public service and government again. For my part I will choose the politics of hope over the politics of hate and fear any day. There will be much work to do and I think Barack Obama is the leader who can help America achieve greatness again.

Rob Pilewski


Dear Editor:

I am old enough to remember that sad chapter in our history that might best be called the American Inquisition. In the 1950s, a Senate Subcommittee, under the leadership of the infamous Joe McCarthy, Republican from Wisconsin, and the House Un-American Activities Committee conducted “kangaroo courts.” People who dissented from a narrow view of patriotism were dragged in front of these committees, vilified, and, in some cases, fired from their jobs. Citizens were encouraged and even coerced into testifying about the so-called transgressions of neighbors and colleagues, in the finest tradition of Nazi Germany. And heaven forbid that a person ever had socialist or communist thoughts, even though these parties were entirely legal in the America of the time. Ironically, these self-proclaimed defenders of our democracy were the antithesis of true democracy, where dissent and dialogue are not only tolerated, but encouraged. In fact, what defines our democracy is an active debate among varying views.

Against this dismal history, we now find that the Republican Party, and particularly their attack dog Palin, are again trying to segregate Americans into anti-and pro-American factions based on a narrow-minded vision of patriotism. They are “real Americans,” presumably those who agree with the right-wing Republican doctrine. Everyone else is untrustworthy and disloyal, I guess. Small town people are better Americans than those who reside in our cities. Quoting Palin, she was happy to be in the “pro-America areas of this great nation.” So, some parts of our nation are more pro-American than others. A Republican Congressman actually said, “Liberals hate real Americans that work and accomplish and achieve and believe in God.” Senator McCarthy would be proud of this jingoistic and divisive approach to politics.

Most everyone has heard the expression, “My country, right or wrong,” attributed to Sen. Carl Schurz in 1872. However, after that famous line, he wisely added, “if right, to be kept right; and if wrong, to be set right.” The Republicans appear to have embraced only the first part of the statement — if you don’t like everything America and our President does, you are anti-American. Hopefully, on election day, the majority of Americans will recognize that for America to be great and truly democratic, we must embrace Sen. Schurz’ entire declaration!

John Porco

Best in the West

Dear Editor:

Ellen Roberts has been our southwestern Colorado House District Representative for almost two years.  She has had more bills passed than any other representative from our 59th district.  She is a passionate person who gave up her law practice to help on a legislature level to do all she can for our little corner of Colorado.  Ellen is a committed and dedicated person who sees both sides of the coin with all parties and she will persist to gain her goal. She has a plan of action that will continue to help our 59th District. For all of those interested in what a wonderful job Ellen has done in the past two years, please go to ellen.Roberts.house@state.co.us for more information.

I say, “don’t fix what’s not broken.”  Re-elect Ellen Roberts.  You won’t be sorry you did.

 Diane Rieck

Who we are

Dear Editor:

I rarely feel compelled to respond to a letter from your readers, but the letter from Mr. Witkowski in the SUN (Oct. 23) begs for a response. After floating several “popular” lies and misconceptions about Sen. Obama, Witkowski asks “How can anyone vote for Obama?” Since I am an Obama supporter and have rubbed shoulders with others who also support Sen. Obama, I think that I have some information that would help Mr. Witkowski understand the Senator’s appeal to the millions of us who are supporting him.

How can we vote for Mr. Obama? Because we are people who reject the divisiveness, personal attacks (ala Karl Rove and Focus on the Family), and fear mongering that has become increasingly characteristic of Mr. Obama’s rival and the Republican party. We resonate with Sen. Obama’s message and call for unity and regard for those less fortunate. We do not think of hope as a dirty, four letter word. We are new citizens and those who are several generations from our immigrant ancestors. We are the original native inhabitants of this continent. Our numbers include African Americans, Latinos, Asian Americans, Caucasians, and many of mixed ethnic backgrounds. We are Protestant, Catholic, Jewish, Unitarian, Buddhist, and those who do not align themselves with any particular religious belief. We are young, old and middle aged. My father, age 89, and my mother, age 87, both veterans, have already cast their ballots for Sen. Obama. We count among us veterans, retired military, those who have never served in the military, and those who have protested war and worked for peace their entire lives. We are professionals, tradespeople, artisans, laborers, the unemployed and the underemployed. We are single, married, divorced, widowed, and those in domestic partnerships. We celebrate the resurgence of the interest and hope in the political process by young adults.

In my own family, we have teachers, lawyers, medical professionals, social workers and therapists who support Sen. Obama. (We might have one accountant in-law who supports Senator McCain!) We are proud to be called supporters of Senator Obama, and believe that, with his leadership, comes the best opportunity for this country to become all that it can be.

Mr. Witkowski, thanks for asking the question. Perhaps understanding who we are might help you to understand how we can vote for Senator Obama.

Beverly Sondag

History and math

Dear Editor:

As a teacher, I wonder if Obama or Biden studied history or math. Obama doesn’t know that socialism fails wherever tried. Socialism destroyed the Soviet Socialist Republic, was booted out of Britain by Margaret Thatcher, who saved the economy and business by privatization, and filed as socialized medicine in Canada where people die waiting for treatment and come to the U.S. for private care. Joe the Plumber, vilified by Biden, called Obama a socialist and said that his plans would be disincentives for the poor to work since Obama would “distribute the wealth” and to entrepreneurs whom the government would tell how much they could make and to whom their taxes would be given, instead of your deciding.

Obama was a member of the New Party, affiliated with the Communist Party and ACORN, whose avowed purpose was to move the Democratic party far left to form a new political party with a socialist agenda. Obama lies, denying he was or is a socialist.

Biden forgets that his legislative branch makes laws, not the executive branch, so he is to blame for the current financial debacle because he voted for Clinton’s deregulation and ignored McCain’s pleas two years ago for regulatory control, which would have prevented the disaster, lying that the executive branch is to blame.

Now for the math. Obama says he will give tax credits to the poor, but credits can go only to those who pay taxes. Obama also says he will reduce the taxes of 95 percent of the people, but 40 percent do not pay any taxes. To pay for his $2 trillion and Pelosi’s $200 billion new spending, he will increase taxes on the wealthy and profitable businesses. But, they do not pay taxes; instead raise the price of goods and services so that you, in effect, pay the taxes by paying more. By contrast, the last Republican tax cut netted 8,000 jobs.

Obama got $931 million in earmarks, Biden $342 million, $1.5 of which went to lobbying by his son, Hunter, about whom Obama lied saying he never lobbied. McCain got no pork and vows to make it illegal.

McCain submitted a complete list of donors and amounts to the FEC. Obama reported that half of his $605 million came from small donors, but refused to account for the rest. The FEC made him return some of the donations exceeding the legally limited $4,600 because donors gave more than that with illegal $200 increments. Obama’s Internet fund-raisers are Muhammad Hasan Chandos and Wakid Hamid, former college roommates, both from Pakistan. Obama hired Michelle’s former boss as his chief advisor, Valerie Jarrett, from Shiraz, Iran.

Biden, who said Obama was not qualified to be president until co-opted by Obama, emphasized that Obama, if elected, would be tested by an international crisis. Obama downplayed this, as everything else above, by lying that Biden said that whoever is elected will be tested. Can we trust this man to be president? Vote NObama.

Teresa Watkins


Dear Editor:

Contradiction means what? As I taught my students from Webster’s Dictionary, contradiction means to deny truth or assert to the contrary. To support a political party with a platform that decimates Catholic social teaching is to deny truth. Since when did the Catholic Church support same sex unions, racism, death penalty, genocide, abortion and murder and call it family oriented Catholic teaching. I have read the Benedict XVI, John Paul II, Archbishop Chaput, and Bishop Tafoya letters, to name a few, and they have consistently taught the faithful to form their consciences by seeking truth and that pre-born life must be protected.

Ray Finney tells us that he is an engineer looking for practical solutions. I am a mother, grandmother, musician and teacher, and I seek the truth. I, too, have five children and five grandchildren and have “put my money where my mouth is” by supporting them in their need. I could never support a candidate who supports the possible killing of my grandchildren or future grandchildren. As a practicing Catholic and convert, my moral compass has always been the Magisterium. Yes, if one was reared to think capital punishment was acceptable, one had to reform one’s conscience when the Holy Father clearly taught all life is to be respected. I found myself in that position. As Fr. Tony Blount told IHM faithful, “Change your thinking.” I did.

Charity begins in the heart of an individual, not in the pork barrel halls of Congress. We individuals do more to help the poor than the self-serving politicians and the infamous war on poverty, which destroyed black family life. Do not discount the faith of the widow’s mite.

Recently, I made a peace pilgrimage to Medugorji, Bosnia-Herzogovina. The message from our Blessed Mother was to support pre-born life at all costs. We were admonished to work, pray, fast and speak out to end the culture of death starting with the protection of the most innocent.

Single issue voters are cajoled not to be so narrow minded. Surely, as a lifelong practicing Catholic, Mr. Finney must have learned that all our sins emanate from the simple sin of pride and the desire to assume the role of God. We are supposed to absolve our consciences with the thought that abortion will not go away so don’t fret about it? Likewise, murder, stealing, greed and usury will always be with us, so why not just change those laws? Do not be led astray by the easy-flowing rhetoric of the easy path of “there are many issues.” Go to Catholicvote.com and read what our shepherds say.

Barbara Layton Witkowski

One-issue voter

Dear Editor:

In reply to Ray Finney (SUN, Oct. 23), I cite a TV preacher who addressed the single-issue question. He stated that sometimes you must be a one-issue voter. He compared today’s abortion issue to Lincoln’s overriding slavery issue. If Lincoln followed Finney’s thinking, he would have rationalized, “I’m against slavery, but I won’t legislate against it because slave owners should have the right to keep them, free them or kill them. I’ll be a multi-issue president.” Instead, he issued the principled Emancipation Proclamation.

The uniqueness of the pro-life issue demands that only politicians who will issue a principled pro-life proclamation and safeguard innocent life should get the vote of the populace. All other issues pale in significance. It is folly to use a multi-issue excuse to vote for candidates who advocate killing babies thinking those issues are equally or more important.

The U.S. bishops said in their Labor Day statement, “What is incumbent on all men and women is the formation of a correct conscience based on the truth about the human person … the human conscience moves beyond personal feelings and individual popularity. It asks first what is right and true. It examines the candidates from the perspective of human life … Never forget that human life is the supreme good and avoid what is intrinsically evil, the destruction of unborn life.”

Then, on Oct. 21, the bishops condemned the Democratic “Freedom of Choice Act,” stating: “For Democrats, being Catholic involves reversing their rhetoric and changing course on a whole range of legislative proposals.” They condemned what they called the “get over abortion mentality.”

For Finney to say abortion won’t go away legally, so you should not remove the law is like saying that since murders will continue, we should remove laws that prohibit and punish murder. As Finney says, “God is neither Democrat nor Republican, but could God be a Democrat having said, “Before I formed you in the womb, I knew you?” Our founding fathers wrote that all are created equal and endowed by their creator with the inalienable right to life. How, then, can anyone support a candidate who plays God and claims the right to terminate created life? Jesus said, “By their fruits shall you know them.” That is, if one acts (votes) pro-death, one is pro-death because if one is truly pro-life, one must act (vote) pro-life. Jesus also called people of his time hypocrites because they could not read the signs of their times. Are Catholics who claim to be pro-life but vote pro-death the hypocrites of our time? Would Jesus vote for a pro-death candidate?

Do Democrats really embrace core principles of family-oriented Catholic social teaching? In my Catechism, I never saw pro-abortion, fetal stem cell research (unborn baby killing), same sex “marriage,” homosexual “rights,” euthanasia, changing the Hippocratic Oath, and removing the Ten Commandments and the nativity displays from public places as Catholic principles.

Eugene Witkowski