Pagosa Mountain Hospital’s unsung sponsors

The art sponsorship program at Pagosa Mountain Hospital continues to gain momentum, despite the economic meltdown that our country is experiencing.

Community-minded, full- and part-time Pagosa residents have quietly sponsored works of art that are currently on display at the hospital.

Many of these folks do not seek, nor want the limelight. Rather, they go about their lives, while taking the time to make that phone call, or write the check.

Their reasons for making this effort are varied, but have a common thread. All of the art sponsors wish to give back to their neighbors and friends in this way — to help build a healing art collection for the new hospital, that one day will help a stranger or friend cope with their illnesses, or losses.

These altruistic sponsors weave the intricate, delicate, yet strong fabric of life in our Pagosa community. Their tapestry of good acts, whether or not they are named in THE PREVIEW, give more than they know. For the unnoted sponsors, those who wish to remain anonymous in their gift giving, the art committee thanks you. The Pagosa community will thank you, too. None of us know when we will pass through the hospital’s halls as a patient, or worried family member. When we do, these unheralded art gifts will welcome and embrace us as they were meant to.

The art committee is actively seeking sponsorships for the unsold art pieces currently on exhibit at Pagosa Mountain Hospital. The art show runs through Nov. 18.

Sponsorships are tax deductible, and sponsors receive recognition in The PREVIEW (if desired), as well as their names displayed on a permanent brass plaque placed next to the donated art piece.

Anyone interested in sponsorships may contact art committee chair Kathleen Steventon, 731-3029,,

Photo courtesy Phyllis Stapler
Mystery and wildness of animals is the inspiration for Durango artist Phyllis Stapler. Plant, animal forms and background shapes create compositional as well as emotional tension in this oil and acrylic painting “Jasper and the Pears.” This is one of the works currently on display at Pagosa Mountain Hospital and available for sponsorship. The exhibit continues through Nov. 18.