‘DIALOGUES’ at SHY RABBIT, an exchange of ideas and opinions

SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts continues “DIALOGUES” through Nov. 15, featuring finely crafted works that suggest an exchange of ideas and opinions by six emerging and established artists from throughout the country.

“DIALOGUES” features figurative ceramic sculptures by Carrianne Hendrickson, New York; colorful abstract paintings by Marcie Paper, New York; elegant ceramic sculptures by Jeff Pender, North Carolina; and compelling figurative paintings by Christopher St. John, New Mexico.

Also showing, a collaborative “DIALOGUES” project by Debra Blair, New Mexico, and Marti Bledsoe, Colorado, in the SHY RABBIT print studio gallery.

The six artists represented in “DIALOGUES” approach their work in characteristically unique ways, the results of which can be quite obvious to the viewer.

Some intend for their work to draw a response from the view, whether positive or negative, and to provoke thought. While others are more interested in a purely aesthetic outcome, providing the viewer with calm and introspection.

New York ceramist Carrianne Hendrickson uses the human figure in an illustrative manner to elicit certain psychological responses in the viewer through her highly original figurative sculptures.

“Some might say that my work, while having an innocent quality to it, also has dark undertones,” Hendrickson comments. “I do this because it is a symbolic reflection of the human condition as being both good and evil, and thick with all of its many dark and mysterious facets.”

The meticulously-crafted work of North Carolina ceramist Jeff Pender conveys a sense of mystery and invites discovery. Pender believes that searching for the unknown offers us the opportunity to explore and probe for new knowledge and insights. 

“I admit to entertaining an underlying romantic notion concerning the connection between art, ritual and mystery and I am continuously fascinated by the endless possibilities of the future,” Pender states.  “I seek the bridge between what was and what will be, between stories told and one yet to be written, between past and future.”

“DIALOGUES” includes five, finely-detailed and very colorful abstract paintings by New York artist Marcie Paper. For the past five years, Paper has been tracking her experience and daily events as they manifest into memory.

“I honor my everyday experiences and seemingly insignificant events for the role that they play and the impact that they have on, my ever-changing, present moment,” states Paper. “By tracking these events through paint, digital video, audiotape, and embroidery, I have been able to hold on to a little longer, understand a little better, and have physical evidence of, my existence.”

Christopher St. John’s richly-layered oil paintings are filled with emotion and a heightened sense of dialogue, inviting curiosity and wonder. Provocative by its very nature, St. John’s work provides the viewer with a glimpse into his world and unique thought process, possibly providing the viewer with a mirror to examine his or her own.

“I’m not a very complicated artist, but I like the darkness that inhabits our world,” states St. John. “Sometimes a great strategy for art making is finding a way of grabbing some of that darkness and pushing it out into the road. Occasionally, that darkness turns around and takes me with it.

“This reversal isn’t entirely a bad thing, as sometimes pushing a form as far as it will go frays that boundary between ideas and materials until something unique emerges,” St. John continues.

Whether abstract, figurative, or purely sculptural, the paintings and ceramics selected for inclusion in “DIALOGUES” contain a conversational element special to each piece. They were chosen for their ability to speak in unique ways to and with the viewer.

SHY RABBIT gallery hours are Thursday through Sunday 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., or by appointment.

SHY RABBIT Contemporary Arts is located at 333 Bastille Drive, two blocks north of U.S. 160, off of North Pagosa Boulevard.  The 4,000 square-foot arts facility houses a ceramic studio and fine art gallery, two mixed-media workshops, and two large exhibition spaces.

For more information on SHY RABBIT, visit www.shyrabbit.com, or call 731-2766.

For more information on “DIALOGUES,” visit www.shyrabbit.com/Exhibits.html.

Photo courtesy SHY RABBIT
“DIALOGUES” continues at SHY RABBIT through Nov. 15, featuring works that exchange ideas and opinions by Carrianne Hendrickson, Marcie Paper, Jeff Pender, and Christopher St. John.  Also showing a collaborative project by Debra Blair and Marti Bledsoe in the SHY RABBIT print studio gallery.