Udall, Salazar make campaign stop in Pagosa

U.S. Senate candidate Mark Udall and U.S. Congress candidate John Salazar made a joint appearance Friday at the Archuleta County Democratic Party headquarters.

Appearing before about 50 enthusiastic supporters, Udall and Salazar both reiterated their support for the Western Water Compact (and opposition to John McCain’s call for renegotiating the agreement) as well as assuring Pagosa area residents that neither would support development at Wolf Creek that did not include strict environmental and economic oversight.

Ron Chacey and Clifford Lucero, local Democratic candidates for county commissioner spots, took a few moments with Udall and Salazar to share in the spotlight. However, most notable among local officials was the appearance by Republican county commissioner Bob Moomaw, who was called to the microphone by Salazar, “to make an important announcement.” Moomaw took the moment to express his support for. and endorsement of both Udall and Salazar.

An Oct. 16 poll shows the Udall campaign with a seven-point advantage over his opponent Republican Bob Schaffer, with a 13 point lead among unaffiliated voters. The lead was significant enough for the National Republican Senatorial Committee to announce last Friday that it was pulling its support from the Schaffer campaign.

Salazar’s opponent is Republican Wayne Wolf, Delta County Commissioner. Although no poll data is available, third quarter fund-raising shows Salazar leading $109,434 to Wolf’s $6,636.