Fire protection district conducts hydrant ID project

The Pagosa Fire Protection District has embarked on a project that will help responding firefighters to more readily identify where fire hydrants are located and give them an indication of the amount of water they can expect to flow from any given hydrant.

All fire hydrants in the fire district are tested annually to ensure they will operate properly if needed for fire protection. During this testing, the flow rate is recorded.

The addition of a reflective color-coded tape to the hydrant flag will provide a visible indication of the location of the hydrant at night and will also provide the flow rate for that hydrant. When the snow falls and hides a hydrant, this reflective color-coded tape will be very beneficial for responding firefighters to rapidly locate fire hydrants.

During the times when snow covers a hydrant in the vicinity of your residence, if you take the time and make the effort to clear the snow away from the hydrant, it would be very much appreciated. This will assist firefighters in making connections to hydrants in a timely manner if the need were to rise.

Fire Prevention Month

Many may know that October is Fire Prevention Month all cross the United States.

In 1809, the City of Chicago virtually burned to the ground because of the types of buildings which were allowed to be built.

In today’s world, we, the fire service, attack the daunting task of educating the public on the issues surrounding fire prevention and safety during October. One of the methods we have employed for many years is the meeting with school children to provide information, show and tell and equipment displays. School-aged children often take the message home to their parents and remind them about having an exit plan, checking the smoke alarm batteries and cleaning up some of the clutter around their homes.

We are available to make presentations to any group wishing to learn more about home or business fire safety issues, fire code issues and any other topic relative to the fire department.

We hope you have had a fire safe month this October. Please contact us at 731-4191 if you have any questions about our services.

Open house

Local youngsters are invited to bring their folks to the annual Pagosa Fire Protection District open house, Saturday, Nov. 1, at Fire Station No. 3, 5508 U.S. 84.

There will be a tour of the burn tower, and guests will get to try on fire gear, put out a fire, and watch firefighters demonstrate skills like auto extrication and working with district trucks. There will also be a chile cookoff.

For information, call 731-4191.