Music Boosters to present Sondheim’s ‘Into the Woods’

One of Stephen Sondheim’s most popular works, “Into The Woods,” is a timeless and relevant musical piece, a rare modern classic that played on Broadway in the late 1980s with subsequent tours and revivals. 

The story involves several cockeyed characters in this fractured fairy tale presentation:  an ambivalent Cinderella,  a confused Little Red Ridinghood,  a Prince Charming with a roving eye,  a Jack with a beanstalk and a best friend who is a cow named “Milky-White.” 

The script contains these characters and others in a lively fantasy that becomes a moving lesson about community responsibility and the stories we tell our children. 

Pagosa Springs Music Boosters  announces performance dates  for a local production of “Into the Woods,” Nov. 20, 21, 22 and 23 at the high school auditorium. 

Twenty-two of your friends, students and neighbors have been cast in this magical and delightful show.  The cast includes:  Zach Nelson, Josie Lafferty, Robert Neel, Sally Neel, Bill Nobles, Jessica Krebs, Linda Bennett, Amber Ricker, Zoe Fulco, Andy Donlon, Ami Harbison, Kathy Isberg, Jeff Schaupp,  Valarie Quick, Lillien Hester, Jaret Heber, Jay Wood, Jeff Reardon, Jaxon Quick, Keturah Class Erickson, Brooke Hampton and Ryan Stahl. 

“Into the Woods” is the most challenging production yet undertaken by the Music Boosters organization, and has brought out a varied collection of actors, all veteran performers and well-seasoned vocalists.  Part of the casting process involved selecting performers who are advanced in their levels of experience in the  performing arts.   

The cast will be singing with live orchestra, conducted by Lisa Hartley; rehearsal pianists Sue Anderson and Kathy Isberg have been working with our performers for almost five weeks now, with the help of newcomer Sally Neel. 

Linda Bennett has put in double duty so far. She spends a lot of time thinking about clothes — not necessarily for herself, but for all of the local performers she costumes for the Pagosa Springs Music Boosters organization.  Currently, Linda is working as the costume designer and costumer for the Boosters’ holiday show, “Into The Woods.” Linda created and made her first dress — for herself — at the age of 9.  She costumed for theater and ballet companies in California, sewed samples for a clothing line in Canada,  designed and sewed wedding ensembles and concert gowns, and studied tailoring in Rochester, N.Y. 

 In preparation for her work as a costume designer for  musical productions, Linda first reads the script of the show, studies the overall plot concept, and begins to find ways to bring the character’s physical attributes out with dress.  One of Linda’s main goals is to give expression to a character’s personality, visually.  For example, in “Into The Woods,” the Witch costume has been “designed with jeweled stones on her gloves to accentuate her fingers and what they represent in the play,” said Linda.

 Linda has designed and costumed for other Music Boosters productions: two Madrigal productions, “Oliver,” “Meet Me in St. Louis,” and both “Christmas Carol” productions. And, she produced Joseph’s creative and stunning “coat of many colors” for “Joseph & The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”.  Linda’s favorite part of costume work is “gathering the fabrics and jewels, pulling it all together, stepping back and watching it all unfold.” Music Boosters appreciates Linda’s involvement and the heart that she puts into her work with us.  Don’t miss her latest creations in “Into The Woods,” Nov. 20-23, 2008. 

Music Boosters is a non-profit performing arts and education organization, whose profits are turned back to our community and schools, in addition to providing college scholarships to students seeking careers in the performing arts, music education, and other related areas.  Next year, 2009,  the organization celebrates its 20th anniversary year. 

For more information on “Into The Woods” see or call Dale Morris at 731-3370.  Tickets are now available online at  and at the Chamber of Commerce visitor Center downtown, 264-2360.