Board of county commissioners meet tomorrow

The Archuleta County Board of County Commissioners meets at 1:30 p.m., Tuesday, Oct. 21, in the commissioners’ meeting room at the county courthouse.

The agenda is as follows:

Call to order.

Pledge of allegiance.

Moment of silence.

Recess the regular BoCC meeting and call to order the Board of Adjustments.


A. Requests the board to review and consider a variance for the set back requirements to build a deck on the property located at 325 Saturn Drive, lot 49 Lake Hatcher Park, owner Hargis — Cindy Schultz.

Close the Board of Adjustments and reconvene the regular BoCC meeting.

Consent agenda:

A. Approval of a renewal for a Bed and Breakfast Permit allowing the establishment to serve alcohol at The Canyon Crest Lodge, owner Valerie Green, located at 201 A Yeoman Drive, Martinez Canyon.

B. Approval of a renewal of a Retail Liquor Store License for Old West Spirits, Inc., dba Old West Spirits located at 40 Piedra Road.

C. Approve publishing a Request for Proposals for the Department of Human Services, Legal Services.

D. Approve amending the accounting contract for Laura Morris to cover hours required to assist the auditors.

E. Sign the grant application for the Colorado Heritage Planning Grant in the amount of $34,000 for the Economic Drivers Study sponsored by the Region 9 Economic Development District.

Payroll and payable warrants:

F. Oct.13-Oct.17, 2008.

G. Oct. 20-Oct. 24, 2008.

Regular meeting minutes:

H. Oct. 7, 2008.


A. Report from Human Services — Erlinda Gonzalez.

B. Report from Road and Bridge — Chris Tanner.

C. September Financial Report — Don Warn.

New business:

A. Requests the board to review and consider approving the contract for the purchase of equipment and services for the integration and installation of a communications interoperability gateway that will allow the Archuleta County VHF System to be interconnected to the State Digital Trunked Radio System (800 Radio System) for a total amount of $57,469.02 — Drew Petersen.

B. Requests the board to review and consider Resolution 2008___ adopting a definition of “Workforce Housing” by Archuleta County for use in contracting, grant development, housing projects and other county business — Rick Bellis.

C. Requests the board to review and consider awarding a contract for the Arboles Satellite Facility project in Arboles — Karin Kohake/Ron Nieweg.

D. Requests the board to review and consider accepting the grant award from the Colorado State Court Administrator’s Office for continued funding of the Court Services Officer position and additional improvements — Karin Kohake.

E. Requests the board to review and consider approving a contract for the acquisition of an arena building from Four Corners Construction for the county fairgrounds — Greg Schulte.

Old business.


Media questions.

Public comments from the podium:

• Please wait until you are recognized by the chair.

• Step up to the podium, state your name and address for the record.

• Keep your comments to three minutes.

This is an opportunity during the session for the public to address the commissioners on a subject not covered during public comment on an agenda item (the board is not required to discuss your comment or make a decision regarding your comment, under this section).


The next regular BoCC meeting will be at 1:30 p.m., Nov. 7.