The Pagosa Springs Intermediate School recently hosted a Kindness Retreat for our fifth-grade students, and a Courage Retreat for our sixth-grade students. It required an enormous amount of communication, coordination ad flexibility within our school district and the community in order to host the retreats. They were a huge success, due in large part to the team spirit and generosity of the following people and groups: Barbara Fair, for allowing us to use the Power House Youth Center for both retreats; the Pagosa Springs High School staff, coaches and parents for allowing us to recruit their students to be small group leaders; Barbie Voorhis and her kitchen staff for preparing student lunches and a delicious salad for volunteers and school staff; Mark and Kim Stauth for treating the entire sixth-grade class and staff to lunch from JJ’s Upstream Restaurant; Pizza Hut for preparing and delivering pizzas to our high school volunteers both days; Jim Shaffer, the JV football coaches, volleyball coaches and Dolly Martin and her transportation staff for providing an extra bus stop to pick up the high school athletes from the retreat; and to the awesome staff at the intermediate school for pitching in to help serve lunch, snacks and clean up. A huge and heartfelt “thank you” to each and every one of you!

Most importantly, to the following high school students who led small groups of intermediate school students in a variety of games, activities and discussions for two days of retreats: Dakota, Tyson and Sackett Ross; Joe and Brooklyn DuCharme; Megan and Breezy Bryant; Shelby and Sienna Stretton; Raesha Ray; Kala Matzdorf; Emmi Greer; Allison Hart; Jeff Reardon; Paul Hoffman; Jared Burch; Sarah York; John Jewell; Daniel Puskas; Max Miller; Ami Harbison; Taylor Shaffer; Austin Jones; Curtie Lewis; Zach Lucero; Ashley Brooks; Kade Skoglund and Casey Meekins. The kindness and respect with which you treated the fifth- and sixth-graders, along with the leadership skills and responsibility you demonstrated, were outstanding — thank you!

Karyn Smith