On behalf of the Pagosa Springs Elementary School Olympic Committee, I would like to thank Davey Pitcher and the Wolf Creek Ski Area for their generous support of our Olympic Festival Day.

Every four years, we have a rare opportunity to stimulate our youth to recognize the importance of the Olympic ideals. For over a month, our students studied different aspects of their representative country, culminating in the Olympic Festival Day. This day would not have happened without the tremendous support of our Olympic volunteers: Jim Dorian, Joanne Irons, Scott Anderson, Ronnie Doctor, Dorman Diller, the PSHS soccer team, Nick Toth, Steve Koneman, Kim Hunt, Blue and Brooks Lindner, Felicia Meyer, Sky Gabel, Jan Lewis, Jack and Marsha Hill, Mary Helen Cammack, Eric McKenzie, the Espinosa Ranch, Peter Peterson, Dave Hamilton, Curtis Maberry, Lisa Hartley, Tessie Garcia, Mary Kurt-Mason, Mark DeVoti, Fred Schmidt, Butch Madrid, Warren Phipps, Nancy Drake and Shari Engle.

I would like to recognize the unselfish dedication that each of you contributed to the development of our young people, our most precious natural resource. That day you “lit the fire within.”

Lindsey Kurt-Mason