LPEA offering rebates for new refrigerator/freezer purchase

To encourage replacement of high energy consumption refrigerators and freezers with more efficient models, La Plata Electric Association (LPEA) is now offering $40 rebates to members who purchase new Energy Star® units.

“Significant energy savings can be realized by replacing old refrigerators or freezers with newer models that have earned the government’s Energy Star label,” said Mark Schwantes, LPEA director of corporate services. “Old refrigerators and freezers can consume two to four times more energy annually than a new model. Upgrading to new refrigerators and freezers can thus decrease our members’ electric bills.”

Though LPEA is in the “business” of “selling” electricity, as a non-profit cooperative, the organization continually looks to do “what is best” for the member/customers, and that includes lowering monthly utility bills, according to Schwantes. LPEA’s mission also includes environmental responsibility, which is also an impetus of the refrigerator/freezer rebate effort.

Customers within LPEA’s service district have 180 days from date of purchase to apply for the rebate. To verify that a specific model qualifies, visit www.energystar.gov and review the complete list.

Following purchase, customers must submit an original proof-of-purchase along with the completed rebate form (available at www.lpea.coop or www.fourcore.org) to 4CORE at the address specified on the application, or to the LPEA office in either Durango or Pagosa Springs. The $40 rebates will be credited to LPEA customers’ electric bills within the following billing cycle.

For additional information, visit www.lpea.coop or call 247-5786.