Duncan and Linda Lawrie sponsor art at hospital

Local art sponsors Duncan and Linda Lawrie are a delight as a couple and as individuals, in every sense of the word.

Quietly going about their business, with a midwest attitude of common sense, and a Pagosan way of showing support, this couple volunteered to write the check to sponsor Barbara Rosner’s “Don’s Poppy” at Pagosa Mountain Hospital’s second juried show.

“This photograph, and Rosner’s work in general, is artistic photography, as opposed to photo journalism,” stated Duncan Lawrie. Linda added: “It’s wonderfully inspired.”

Duncan is a large man, both in his heart and personality. Linda Lawrie is smaller, quieter, and thoughtful. Together they both exude generosity and humor. Asked how they first heard about the art show at Pagosa Mountain Hospital Duncan smiled and chimed in “How do you want us to have heard of the show?” Then laughing, they both remarked that they read about the exhibition in The PREVIEW.

When queried as to why they came forward to sponsor an art piece for the hospital, they said, “It’s been difficult for us to be a part of this. We’ve been wishing to donate to the hospital, but as we are some of central the organizers for the Pagosa Springs Humane Society, it has been difficult. The effort there is to improve the facility for homeless animals, we couldn’t seem to find a way to support the hospital’s efforts too. Then this art show came along and the idea of giving art to the hospital, where many would benefit from our gift for years to come seemed just right.”

Duncan appeared satisfied that they had found a way to help their neighbors, as well as strangers. Linda commented that she “liked supporting the local artists” as well as “helping Pagosa Mountain Hospital’s visitors.”

Both the Lawries commented on their excitement at having a local hospital facility. Duncan has already used Pagosa Mountain Hospital several times. He loved not having to be flown or driven to Durango for treatment. Linda commented what “a wonderful asset it is to our community.”

If the names of these generous sponsors sound familiar they should. Linda Lawrie has been the president of the Pagosa Springs Humane Society since 2006. She began volunteering as a dog walker when she first moved to Pagosa in 2003, and her involvement to help homeless animals has grown with time. Both the Lawries love dogs, with four rescued pets at home: Kukla, Jack, Harley, and their newest, Bodhi.

Linda knows the value of volunteers and community efforts, “We are working with many volunteers at the shelter, and have taken on the huge task of creating a new shelter facility on Cloman Boulevard. Fund-raising is a challenge for us and for everyone in these difficult times.”

In addition to Duncan volunteering many hours at the Humane Society shelter, he is also a part of the Emergency Management Search and Rescue group. “Typically, we have about one rescue a week during the summer hiking season and also the fall hunting season. These rescue efforts range from three-a-week to none.”

Both Duncan and Linda Lawrie represent the best this community has to offer. Their spirit of sharing and giving is accomplished with quiet grace. The Pagosa Mountain Hospital Art Committee is deeply grateful for their gift.

Sponsorships like the Lawrie’s are tax deductible, and sponsors receive recognition in The PREVIEW, as well as their names displayed on a permanent brass plaque placed next to the donated art piece.

Anyone interested in sponsorships can contact art committee chair Kathleen Steventon, 731-3029, treegirl@centurytel.net.

The current hospital art show will be exhibited through Nov. 18, and all the artwork seen is available for sponsorship.