High Country Squares dance in Windsor, England

Teri and John Hoehn, members of the High Country Squares Square Dance Club had a unique experience this summer as they traveled through England and France.

Since the couple truly enjoy dancing of all types, Teri tried Googling square dance clubs in the London area to see if there would be a square dance that they could attend during their vacation.

Most of the clubs responded, saying they were sorry, but they were not dancing during the month of August, as that is the month most of Europe goes on holiday.

They finally received a reply from the Castle Squares in Windsor who invited them to dance with their club. The club’s caller, Dennis Thompson, and his wife, Daphne, picked the Hoehns up at the Uxbridge tube station and drove them the rest of the way to Windsor.

Castle Squares has been in existence for about 20 years, but their numbers are dwindling, so they dance with another club located not far away. Teri said they were a little apprehensive about dancing in England, but that the entire group of English dancers were very patient with their mistakes and laughed with them and not at them. Everyone was very friendly and made them feel quite welcome. One of the English club’s members was 95 years old and his partner was 90 — just amazing.

Because two clubs were dancing that evening, there were three callers present, including Allan Evans and Tony Burton, and all were wonderful and easily understood. Teri and John thought they might have a difficult time with the accent, but when they were calling, the accent was not even noticeable. They all had a great sense of humor and John and Teri laughed the whole evening, truly enjoying the experience.

It is true, once you learn to square dance you can square dance anywhere. We were so proud of Teri and John for trying this unique experience and were glad they had a great time.

Life’s a dance, learn the steps

The High Country Squares will hold their first “official” dance Nov. 17 at the PLPOA Clubhouse, from 7 to 9 p.m. This will be a Harvest Dance in celebration of the new dancers’ graduation. It will also be the last dance that Jim Park will be calling, as he and his wife, Fae ,will be returning to Mesa for the winter. All experienced dancers are invited. Come on out and dance with us.

The High Country Squares are making arrangements with other callers in the area to fill in for Jim while he is in Mesa. We will have Lloyd Husted of Farmington, Richard Berry of Cortez, and Louis Norton of Durango calling and teaching on alternating weeks during the winter months. Again, all experienced dancers are welcome to come and dance with us.