Rotary Club awards grants to teachers, schools

Pagosa Springs Rotary Club has announced its Mini Grant recipients for the 2008-2009 school year.

Awards were made following grant requests from teachers and administrators at Pagosa Springs Elementary School, the intermediate school, and the junior high and high schools.

Grants awarded this year total $2,825.82.

Teachers and administrators receiving grants, their grades, and project descriptions are:

• Kristin Hentschel, third-grade instructor, World Atlases for “Where in the World” project.

• Lisa Hartley, elementary music teacher, supplemental music materials.

• Bobbie Lassman, K-4 ESL teacher, phonics quiz/vocabulary stories and reading materials.

• Jean Fox, Grades 1-4 Title 1 Remedial Reading teacher, Accelerated Reader books and incentives.

• Doug Hershey, 10th grade social studies teacher, material to explore the Renaissance period.

• Louis Haffey-Sherman, grades 9-12 English teacher, Philosophy Club reading materials.

• Deborah Morton, high school librarian, new books for Book Club.

• David Hamilton, Sean O’Donnell, high school principal and assistant principal, attendance incentive program.

• J.D. Kurz, eighth-grade earth science teacher, technology to enhance scientific inquiry.

• Carolyn Riedberger, first-grade teacher, language arts reading materials.