CUMC develops new construction plan

Members of the Community United Methodist Church on Sunday afternoon voted unanimously to proceed with a new plan to reconstruct the sanctuary, located on Lewis Street in downtown Pagosa Springs..

The new plan calls for a structural reroofing of the sanctuary that will include gable ends to accommodate the glass windows that existed in the church in 1908. Most of the windows are currently hung in the present sanctuary and are backlit. The new plan would call for a southern exposure for the stained glass to provide natural light.

The new plan also calls for a reduced plan for construction of a bell tower similar to that which existed on the 1908 church building.

The monies needed for the new concept and construction plan are available, and the current plan fulfills the desire of the congregation that no debt be incurred.

A new timetable calls for plans to be completed by local architect Tracy Reynolds by the middle of December. The process of plan re-approval by the Town Council and planning commission, and the Historical Preservation Board, will begin early in 2009 with the start of construction planned for some time after Easter 2009.